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CONTEST: The ULTIMATE Christmas Gift

These past few weeks have been an exciting time for those of us who are fans of Greyson Chance. His recently completed trip to Asia gave us all kinds of new interviews, funny moments and great performances. Of course, the biggest news for fans was the release of the new EP Truth Be Told – Part 1

Almost 15 months after the release of his debut full length album Hold On ‘Til The Night, Greyson is back with 5 new songs (and 1 new official remix) which he has released as a precursor to his second full length album which we hope to see released sometime next year. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, Truth Be Told – Part 1 has only been released in some markets with other countries (most notably, the U.S.) not expected to see the release of the EP until early 2013. However, we at ‘Til The Night | Home of The Greyson Chance Forum have obtained a few copies and want to give them out to our members!


We will select 5 winners to receive a physical copy of Truth Be Told – Part 1 along with a 2013 Greyson Chance calendar. 


We will also select 5 additional winners to receive a copy of the U.S. version of Greyson’s debut album Hold On ‘Til The Night.


(1) Log in to your account on The Greyson Chance Forum, or if you haven’t joined yet, CREATE an account.

(2) Reply to this thread (http://www.tilthenight.com/forum/showthread.php?2086-CONTEST-The-ULTIMATE-Christmas-Gift&p=9921#post9921) and answer both of the following questions:

I. Where are you from?

II. If you could give Greyson a gift of anything in the world for Christmas, what would it be and why?

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  • Sofia on

    Hi, I’m Sophie (“Sofia” in Spanish) I’m from Argentina, and I don´t have Nothing of Greyson. The truth is that I am new to the forum … and I love it! enchancers many worldwide! This is fantastic! I wish I could talk to each of them, are great. I give a gift to Greyson, a song I wrote especially for him .. Greyson is my life, I LOVE HIS VOICE .Thanks to Him I starting to fulfill my dreams, I’m not a victim of bullying now, I was a victim, but Greyson really helped me, with ALL his songs, especially “Purple Sky”. I try to help people who are going through right now. Believe everything I feel about this said in that song … also I give at Greyson a card and a bracelet that says “stay strong, I’m with you” so I would not forget. I think those words to from the heart are very beautiful. Thanks, LUCK TO ALL SISTERS ENCHANCERS, and I would like to talk to with you, they are great.

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