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Contest time!

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the recent news, Greyson will be releasing a new 5 song EP in October as a thank you to fans while he works on completing his second full length album. While everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of some new music, we at TilTheNight | Home of The Greyson Chance Forum thought that this would be a good time to look back at some of our favorite songs from Greyson’s first two years in the music business.

In order to accomplish our goal, we are going to need each and every fan to participate. So, what is it that we are trying to do? Well, we are hoping to use your input to create the definitive list of fans’ favorite Greyson Chance songs. We know this list will change the minute new songs are released, but it will always be interesting to see which of Greyson’s early songs most connected with his fans. Unlike polls which ask you to select only one or two songs, we hope to create a much more comprehensive list by asking each person to create their personal Top 10 list. We know that it will be really difficult to choose which songs to include and in which order to rank them, but that is the challenge!

We hope that each and every member of The Greyson Chance Forum will participate in our little project. As a small incentive, everybody who participates will be automatically entered into a random drawing to win the grand prize consisting of a complete set of Greyson’s entire discography to date including Waiting Outside the Lines EP, Hold On ‘Til The Night (U.S. Edition), and Hold On ‘Til The Night (Special Asia Edition). Other winners will also be selected to receive copies of Hold On ‘Til The Night (U.S. Edition). 


(1) Log in to your account on The Greyson Chance Forum, or if you haven’t joined yet, CREATE an account.

(2) Reply to this thread with the following information:

I. The country where you live.

II. Your Top 10 Greyson songs clearly numbered from 1 (your favorite song) to 10 (your 10th favorite song).

** Please note that any song that Greyson has recorded or performed to date may be chosen. This includes covers as well as unreleased material. As long as you’ve heard Greyson perform the song, it can qualify for your list. To refresh your memory on most of Greyson’s songs, please check out the MUSIC PAGE on TilTheNight.com **

(3) Optional: Include why you particularly like certain songs, or why you ranked songs in the order that you did.


(1) All entries must be posted by 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, September 30, 2012 to be eligible for the prize.

(2) Only one entry per person may be submitted. You are free to edit or add to your list any time between entering and the deadline, but only one submission per person.

(3) The contest is open to all members of The Greyson Chance Forum including those that have previously been selected as one of our winners.

(4) Our winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries.

(5) The name of the winner will be posted to the forum and/or ‘TilTheNight.com. The winner will be notified by private message and we will need him or her to provide their mailing information.

(6) Please DO NOT post personal information such as someone’s last name, mailing address or personal e-mail address in your entry. Winners will be contacted for such information privately after the conclusion of the contest.

(7) Any contest winner who fails to respond after notification by private message on the board, or any prize that remains unclaimed after 30 days will be forfeited.

(8) If you are the winner and are contacted for your mailing information, please provide your address in the same line by line address format that is used in your country, just as if you had addressed a letter to yourself. That way we can be sure to address your package properly.

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