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Greyson Parts Ways With Interscope

A couple of weeks ago, a very astute fan (@bunny391848) brought it to our attention that the newly released single “Sunshine & City Lights” on U.S. iTunes was listed as being copyrighted by Greyson Chance Music, LLC rather than either Interscope or Geffen Records and theorized that Greyson was no longer with Interscope/Geffen Records. However, a quick check of the “Artists” page on Interscope’s main site still had Greyson listed as one of its signed artists.

Fastforward to last night when she then posted her theory on The Greyson Chance Forum. With a little bit of help from other fans, we realized that Greyson has now been removed from the Interscope website and that all references to Intersope and eleveneleven have been removed from Greyson’s official Twitter account. The speculation among fans today on Twitter and The Greyson Chance Forum prompted Greyson to confirm the news that he has cut ties with his first record label.

In a series of tweets, Greyson stated:

“So the word is out that myself and Interscope have parted ways. It was a positive parting, for both of us, and I will always remember them as my first home and my first record label. I will miss my friends at IGA, but I think that this is a positive thing for my artist(ic) career and for the future. HOTTN would’ve been nothing withour their staff and I am forever grateful to have bonded with everyone at Interscope. #newfrontiers”

Those that follow Greyson’s career probably aren’t that surprised by this news and while the ending of one phase of life is always sad and somewhat scary, Greyson has the right outlook that “when one door closes, another one opens.” Hopefully Greyson will keep us up-to-date as he continues his musical journey and lets us fans know how we can best help him in the future!

As we get more information, we’ll do our best to keep fans updated on how this latest news will affect any plans Greyson might have had to tour or promote his new music in the U.S.

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