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Help us guess the name of Greyson’s new song!

Greyson just released the following lyrics to a new song! Click here to help us guess the name!


Verse 1-
It’s taking us downtown
You’re watching me watching me go
But I never listen
No I never let you know

Now we’re heading uptown
Is there something or nothing you wanted to say
Do you want me to go now
Cause baby I want to stay

What you need, to know
Is to try, to let it go, let it go
What you need, to find,
??????? will let you go

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17 Responses

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  • Greyson Chance on

    Hmm….let it go?

  • Greysonlover on

    Goodbye or do you want to say goodbye

  • grey2x on

    sunshine and city lights

  • enchancermarian on

    Sunshine and city lights

  • Oprah Chance on

    Sunshine and City Lights!! 🙂 #scl

  • mei on

    ??? = Someone that never will let you go. 🙂

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