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Truth Be Told Part 1
Greyson Chance — Truth Be Told Part 1
Release date : Nov. 04, 2012
Label : Geffen Records
  1. Sunshine & City Lights
  2. You Might Be The One
  3. Leila
  4. California Sky
  5. Take My Heart

Truth Be Told Part 1 is the first part of American singer / song-writer Greyson Chance’s second full length studio album consisting of five tracks.

The pop-rock singer showcases his maturity, as well as angelic falsetto with each carefully crafted track. The album is chockfull of acoustic sounds, reflecting his preference for a clean, crisp sound that will complement his vocals, a wise choice indeed. He also makes full use of his vocal range, hitting those high notes with ease. Especially with Take My Heart, coupled with perfect harmonies, and a breeziness to the track, makes for the cutest summer serenade (to his young, teenage fanbase of course). – spinorbinmusic.com