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Spreading The Word Around The World

We here at ‘Til The Night love hearing from fans around the world and just recently recently receive an e-mail from Erwin (Forum name – eko). We all know that Greyson has a solid following at home in the U.S. and that he is wildly popular in Southeast Asia, but he has fans from all around the world and it is wonderful to hear about how they are spreading the word about Greyson and trying to increase his popularity in other parts of the world.

Greyson’s very dedicated Argentinian fans have established their own fan club and website to keep Latin American fans up-to-date on all the latest news. We’ve already seen some of the results of their hard work through trending topics on Twitter and an increase in members on The Greyson Chance Forum from Latin America.

Now, Erwin, a fan from Vienna, Austria, is hoping to increase Greyson’s popularity in Europe, especially in the German-speaking countries. On his homepage, Erwin has compiled a number of articles that he has written detailing everything from his favorite Greyson YouTube videos to a good overview of Greyson’s career thus far.  In addition to the articles, Erwin is a VERY talented artist and has painted a number of pictures of Greyson which he has also posted on his site.

You can check out Erwin’s site in either ENGLISH or GERMAN and we highly recommend it!

CLICK HERE to visit Erwin’s Greyson Chance site!



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