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World Greyson Day 2012

World Greyson Day

Calling all Enchancers from around the world!

Did you know Saturday April 28th 2012 is a special day for Greyson Chance and his fans around the world?

Two years ago on April 28th 2010 Greyson uploaded his now famous YouTube video of “Paparazzi” and today it has almost 47 MILLION views and was responsible for launching his career.

What is World Greyson Day?

World Greyson Day is the day Enchancers celebrate the anniversary of Greyson’s famous YouTube upload.

How do Enchancers celebrate World Greyson Day?

This Saturday, Greyson’s fans around the World want to show Greyson we are thinking about him and are thankful for his contributions by creating TRENDING TWITTER HASH TAGS to celebrate World Greyson Day 2012.

What can I do to help?

TillTheNight.com and Greyson Chance Universe  have joined forces to launch one of the World’s largest concentrated efforts ever to TREND Greyson Chance twitter hash tags!

On Saturday April 28th 2012, we want YOU and your FRIENDS to add the following hash tags to ALL YOUR TWEETS:


We are going to start tweeting these hash tags in the USA around 9:00 a.m. on Saturday April 28th but other Enchancers around the world will actually get an earlier start.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Honk Kong, and other Asian countries will start 12 hours earlier then the USA.

Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and other Central American countries are roughly on the same time zones as the USA. Europe and the U.K. will also have a 6 hour lead on us.

When should I start to tweet and what should I do?

No matter what time zone you are in we want you and your friends to start tweeting #WorldGreysonDay#HappyGreysonDay or#GreysonDay2012 – ANY TIME on Saturday April 28th, 2012.

With enough Enchancers around the World tweeting these tags ALL DAY SATURDAY we hope to take over the trending topics on twitter in as many countries around the globe as possible.

How will I know if it’s working?

If you see one of the Greyson Chance twitter trends in YOUR COUNTRY simply take a screen grab of it and tweet it to@GreysonChanceU – using a hash tag of course!

They will be maintaining a special BLOG PAGE with images from around the World of the different countries where the trends were seen.

How can I let you know my friends and I will help?

If you plan to participate in World Greyson Day 2012 and help us create the largest ever “Greyson Chance” trending topic event just send @GreysonChanceU and @TilTheNight a tweet saying,

I’m helping @GreysonChanceU and @TilTheNight launch World Greyson Day 2012 this Saturday!

Let your friends know by sharing this page, liking it to Facebook, or sending a tweet of the link so your friends will understand what we are trying to do for Greyson!

Does the World really love Greyson Chance?

A note on trending…

Please don’t spam! Don’t use any combination of repeated letters, numbers, or symbols at the end of your tweets because twitter will BLOCK the trend if it thinks people are spamming.

We want to thank everybody who will be participating on Saturday and we’ll see you on twitter!

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